Photo by Roel Siebrand.

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Bauer's Berend Dubbe performs Frank Sinatra's Watertown with Club Helmbreker at de Parade 2016.

Photo by Robert Lagendijk

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Photo: Roel Siebrand.
Birds: Dorien Bellaar.
Design: Roel Siebrand and Norbert Vermeer.

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Bauer in 1998, in his studio K24, working on his first album "On the Move."

Bauer's Fall 2016 live band. (Clockwise: Berend Dubbe, Mats Voshol, Gwen Thomas, Maarten Helsloot, Menno Klijn, Fred Bosch.)

Spring 2016: Mixing the album at SSE Noord, Amsterdam.

Inner sleeve illustration:
Mia van Marsbergen.